Artist’s statement


This research, not only pictorial, has gradually led me to associate an uncontrolled technological development with the degeneration always more evident today in human interaction.

The awareness gained, together with the evident ongoing degeneration of the environment, have induced me to work with the idea of ‘inferno” not intended as a suggestion of punishment in another life, rather as an unacceptable, unjust condemnation to always more  aberrant living conditions for too many innocent human beings at the dawn of the third millennium.

I don’t want to be misunderstood, I too love my time; though, as poetess and writer Cristina Campo notes,  “… it is the time when everything fades out, it is the time of beauty running away, like in the fairy tales ,,,”.  Like in a fairy tale, however, I see beauty reviving and transforming and renovating itself.  Just like in a fairy tale, I feel the exciting sensation that infinite other wonders await to be discovered to replace our lost certainties.

However, is this reality or illusion?


Leonella Masella